Faces is a hair salon that takes only 8 customers a day.

Short walk from MM21 line Motomachi Chukagai station no 2 exit. 10 minute walk from Ishikawa-cho station Motomachi exit.

Even though we are located close to Tencho-mon gate in Chinatown, our street is quiet.

Our salon is very calm. During the day, we don't need to use excessive lighting as the soft sunlight comes through our front window.

We don't place large mirrors in front of you. Instead, we set small mirrors and TVs so you can relax and watch movies if you wish. We hope this will enhance your total experience.

One stylist is in charge of counseling. There is no change of staff nor will you be left sitting for a long time.

As we counsel you, we carefully consider your hair condition and what is best. We then propose a hairstyle to fit your lifestyle.

We have experience dealing with every kind of hair condition. Protecting your hair, especially when coloring and perming, is our greatest concern. We choose dyes that are suitable for your hair condition. For straight perms, instead of using an iron, we blow and straighten your hair to ensure that it is light, shiny, and natural.

Our shampoo station has fully reclining chairs to make your experience as comfortable as possible. We also offer scalp massage. If you'd like further haircare and relaxation, we have an Ayurveda course available.

With a change of hairstyle, your overall impression can also change. Hair is the barometer of inner health. We want you to look and feel your best.