サービス 料金


(with shampoo & blow dry)

¥5,500(including tax)

Select shampoos and conditioners. Complimentary head massage to follow.

Permanent Wave

(with hair cut)

¥11,000〜(including tax)

Protecting your hair is our priority. We select chemicals to match your hair condition.

Straight Perm

(with hair cut)

¥17,600~(including tax)

We are always in pursuit of better chemicals and place the highest priority on damage-less and natural-looking results. We will respond to your requests for hair straightening, volume reduction, and hair quality improvement.


(with shampoo)

Gray Hair

¥6,600~(including tax)

Fashion Coloring

¥7,150〜(including tax)

Highlight Half

¥6,600〜(including tax)

Highlight Full

¥8,800〜(including tax)

Hair color changes your impression. We offer careful, color consultation.

Henna Color

(with shampoo)


(100% natural henna)

¥7,150〜(including tax)


(it contains a chemical color)

¥7,700〜(including tax)

Henna is considered a natural manicure and used for coloring. Applying henna makes hair bouncy and shiny. It also cleanses the scalp.

Herb Color

¥7,700〜(including tax)

Herbal coloring is easy on your scalp and hair. It makes your hair soft and shiny. It works for gray hair as well. It is highly recommended.

Ayurveda Head Massage

¥2,200〜(including tax)

Ayurveda is known as the oldest traditional medicine and has helped people's lives and health for over 5000 years. Using natural herbs, it enhances natural healing powers.
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Hair Treatment

¥2,200〜(including tax)

Hair treatment at a salon lasts longer than if you do it at home. We recommend periodical treatments.


¥1,650(including tax)

Blow Dry

¥2,200(including tax)

Hair Set

¥3,300〜(including tax)

Hair Up

¥4,400〜(including tax)

We will open early to fit your schedule. There is an additional fee of ¥500 for 30 minutes. Please ask for details.

Make Up

¥3,300〜(including tax)

Eyebrow Cut

¥1,100(including tax)